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Thank you for your inquiry into our building services. You have two ways to receive a quote.  Our first approach to assisting you is to have you participate in the process and to provide us with photos and specific information based on our questions.  This is our photo net site visit process that will allow us to provide you with a scope of work and pricing through a zoom meeting.  This could take up to 5 days for us to prepare for you. We appreciate your time and willingness to provide the information that we need and would ask you to follow the attached instructions we will send to you for photos and measurements and to identify your goals when responding. There is no charge for this service.


As an alternative to the above we can send one of our Educators to your home for an onsite visit.  They will capture the photos we need and get the information required from you at that time.  Once that is done we will be able to develop a scope of work and pricing for your consideration. This physical site visit has a fee of $69 which is a credit against the work you will hire us to perform for you.

Thank you for the opportuniity to assist you. 

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