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COVID – 19


We want to let our customers know that we are taking this pandemic very seriously.  Our goal is to keep our customers and our employees healthy.  During this time we are avoiding working inside people's homes.  The majority of our work can be done outside, substantially reducing the possibilities of impacting any of our clients or our employees.  


Our goal is to follow all recommended protocols.  Our people have masks and sanitizers to be used as needed, where needed.  All employees have been told that if they have any signs of illness, they are not to report to work.  We have set up a virtual photo net site review that allows us to provide accurate scopes of work and pricing.  98% of this can be handled via email and Internet services.  


The actual build since it is outdoor work continues to move forward.  Should there be a need to enter your home.  Then there will be strict policies and procedures followed and will only happen prior to a discussion with you the homeowner.  


It is our goal to continue to provide our professional services with caution during this unfortunate worldwide situation.  We ask that if you or your family members are sick or have recently shown any symptoms to please let us know so that we can stay off your property until everything is cleared.  This would be greatly appreciated as we are doing the same for you.

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