A Dilema: Who should I choose when building my deck and screen porch? (part 2)


Let's get right to the point. The reason most people do not hire a licensed contractor is because they do not want to have a permit taken out and they are looking to save money.

This always works at the very beginning of the project. No I'm not being facetious. Several weeks into the project it becomes quite clear that a mistake was made. So many things are going to go wrong. You will begin to question the workmanship. You will begin to second-guess your decision. You will wonder whether or not the project is being built to building codes. There will be nobody to look over the contractors shoulder. Then there is the issue of the contractor showing up on a regular basis and doing what they say they will do. About three months into the project when it is only half built you will begin asking yourself "why did I do this". Of course by this time the contractor will have had you pay substantial dollars for work that was not complete and materials that are not on site. We at Deck Builders USA do what we say we will do and define our scope clearly. We also are big on communicating our goals and keeping you in the loop throughout the process.

When a permit is not obtain there is the risk of the code official showing up at your door asking to see your building permit. Now you're in trouble. The stress is going to mount and your bank account is going to be depleted. At the end of the day you will probably be dealing with an attorney trying to sort out this mess. Deck Builders USA always takes out a permit for any work that is legally required to be permitted and we never ask the homeowner to pull the permit. Any contractor that asks you to do that or says you do not need a permit to build a new deck or make a structural change is raising a red flag.

Remember to ask yourself if saving money in exchange for good performance and workmanship is really worth the risk. Oh you don't think this will happen to you. Think again. As a building inspector and one that gets called in to arbitration for just this reason, I can assure you this happens every day.

The best decision that you can make when deciding on what contractor to use is to make sure you use a license certified contractor and that you take the time to do your due diligence and verify the company you are about to hire. You need to be comfortable and have trust that your project will actually be completed to your expectations.

Make sure to check references and visit the contractor job sites and see just what kind of work the contractor is capable of performing. This is the best way to protect yourself. There is an old saying pay now or pay later but for sure you're going to end up paying. Try not to pay double.

We are proud of the fact that Deck Builders USA make a point to communicate with people if our services are used. We want to make sure we help to protect the consumer.

Deck Builder USA has on staff a Georgia licensed building contractor, certified forensic deck inspector, a deck designer and professional deck builders.

There is a reason that things cost more money when you hire the best. The reality is that it might appear more costly up front but at the end of the day when you choose Deck Builders USA you are going to save money.  

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