Can Decks be Repaired? Yes, and we can repair your deck for you!

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

Decks can be repaired and yes we repair decks

However, in order to repair some decks the cost can sometimes be almost the same as a complete rebuild the structure. When comparing the cost of labor to rebuild or extensively repair an existing deck versus a full tear down and new deck the choice is pretty simple. In all circumstances we recommend a thorough deck inspection. This is a process you the homeowner can perform just

Download the "Home Owner Deck Check List" and perform you own inspection.

We provide a service of deck inspection by a professional and certified deck inspector.

Most decks that are older than 10 years and are pressure-treated lumber are probably at or near the end of their normal life span and probably in need of repair and maintenance.

If a deck has been properly maintained and was correctly installed at the very beginning, there is a good likelihood that it can be salvaged. All deck repairs and maintenance will add years to almost any deck.

If you are thinking in terms of keeping your deck that was not been built correctly and you want to just install new deck boards, then you should re-think the issue and not waste your money. To install new decking boards over top of an old structure that was was not built correctly does not make sense.

Call us if you would like us to come out and provide you with input as to the best direction you should take. The most a visit will cost is $295. for an inspection fee, and yes the fee is fully refundable when DeckBuildersUSA completes the work.

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