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How to know if you need a Home Inspection


It is advantageous to have a home inspected prior to buying or selling, but all homes need a complete home inspection. After a complete inspection, a limited annual home inspection is recommended to maintain the value of the home's condition and to help provide pathways for maintenance and repairs through advice and consultation.

Inspectors Associates works for you, Inspectors Associates client, whether you are a buyer or seller. Inspectors Associates do not work for the real estate agent, the mortgage company, or anyone other than Inspectors Associates client who hires us to perform a property, home inspection.

Most of Inspectors Associates referrals come directly from Inspectors Associates Atlanta Georgia client base. At least 30% of Inspectors Associates new business comes from sellers as pre-sale inspections.

Inspectors Associates reports are detailed, informative, and thorough. We are meticulous inspectors so we can give you a comprehensive picture of the house we are inspecting.

Responsible and caring Real Estate agents will recommend us because Inspectors Associates reports are detailed, informative, extremely thorough and they are interested in your welfare and protecting you.

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