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An experienced Builders America builder measuring planks as he builds a custom deck made of wood

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Enhance your outdoor living space and add value to your home with a custom deck from Builders America in Atlanta. Whether you're looking to add space for entertaining, relaxing, or simply enjoying the outdoors, a deck design from Builders America is the perfect solution. Trust us to turn your deck wish list into reality.
Is your deck in need of serious attention or replacement? That's the perfect time to see how Builders America can create a more functional and inviting space while minimizing the need for future maintenance.

A spacious and well-lit custom deck addition built on the back of a luxurious home in North Georgia

Design Features

Builders America utilizes a number of design features and solutions in our decks that add beauty and functionality to the deck.  Your deck should be as eye-catching as it is long lasting.

Joist Tape – What good is a 50 year warranty on the deck boards if the deck frame only lasts 20 years?  While the frame is more protected than the decking, water will eventually take a toll on the frame.  Builders America offers joist tape that will protect the top surfaces of all the critical parts of the frame thereby extending the life of the frame to match the extremely long life of composite and Brazilian Hardwood decking.

Hidden Fasteners – On composite and Brazilian Hardwood decks, Builders America uses hidden fasteners everywhere possible to virtually eliminate unsightly screw holes.  These hidden fasteners also enforce proper spacing between boards and allow for natural expansion and contraction of the boards as weather changes.

Picture Framing – The exposed cut ends of deck boards can leave the miscolored core of composite decking visible.  Builders America has developed a solution to put a boarder or “picture frame” around each section of the deck thereby hiding the ends of the decking.  This can be done with matching deck boards, or to create a truly stunning look, a contrasting color can be used for the picture frame.  Dividing the deck into sections with picture frames eliminates unsightly “butt joists” where the ends of two boards meet.  Instead of indiscriminately placing butt joints across a deck, Builders America uses transition boards as a part of the picture frame to enhance the design.

A custom deck addition made of wood built on the back of a North Georgia home in the woods

Deck Materials

Pressure Treated Decking – Pressure Treated decks are the least expensive decks to build.  Unfortunately, they are also the most expensive to own.  Pressure Treated requires yearly maintenance including cleaning and staining.  Even then, some boards will likely need to be replaced in as little as 8 years, and the entire deck will need to be replaced in 15-18 years.  Without regular maintenance, this lifespan could be cut in half. Builders America always installs pressure treated decking with corrosion resistant deck screws – never nails.  This eliminates any chance of nail pops and trip-hazards.

Composite Decking – Often identified i deck building by the brand name Trex, composite decking is available from a variety of manufacturers including Trex, Moisture Shield, Fiberon, Lumberock, TimberTech, and many others. A composite deck is made from a combination of wood and synthetic materials, often containing up to 95% recycled content.  Aside from an occasional cleaning, this material is very low maintenance and will resist bugs, rot, and fade.  Warranties range from 25-50 years with some products carrying a lifetime warranty.  Composite decking comes in a variety of natural colors and styles. For our composite decks, Builders America delivers a variety of style enhancements including picture framing the deck and installing decking with hidden fasteners.  We top our rails with matching composite rail caps which protects the rail from weather damage and enhances the appearance of the overall deck.

Brazilian Hardwood Decking – Brazilian hardwoods, including Ipe, Tigerwood, Cumaru, Massaranduba, Grapa, and others add a rich elegance to your deck that is second to none.   No composite or softwood decking can come close to the natural beauty of these materials which are sustainable harvested and naturally resistant to bugs, rot, and decay.  Brazilian hardwood decking does require regular maintenance to maintain its rich color.  Regular cleaning, light sanding and oiling will maintain the natural beauty of the wood.  Neglected decks can be restored with cleaning, thorough sanding, and oiling. Builders America follows strict construction guidelines to ensure that your Brazilian hardwood deck lasts a lifetime.  End-grain wax and predrilling is used throughout construction to eliminate splitting.  Picture framing and transition boards are used to give a truly elegant look.

A spacious wood custom deck with a grill and refrigerator built into a stone countertop on the deck