Flex-Vinyl Powered Shades

Flex-vinyl powered window covers give you the best of both worlds when you use them to enclose your porch or gazebo.

  • Fully opened, they almost disappear. Enjoy the unobstructed views from your porch, covered patio, or gazebo.
  • With the touch of a button, screens close to keep out the weather, the cold, and the pollen.
  • Tough flexible 10-mil vinyl is crystal clear and super strong.
  • Vinyl is available in clear for an unobstructed view, or smoke, gray, or bronze to keep you cooler and reduce UV rays.
A beautiful glass window sunroom addition to the back of a luxurious brick house in North Georgia surrounded by woods

Beautiful uncluttered views, enhanced by clear flex-vinyl shades.

Powered Vinyl shades can be fully opened, fully closed, or anywhere in between to customize your sunroom to the weather and your comfort.